A Real Project Management Information Suite

ERP + Collaboration + Document Management System

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What is it?

A software package designed for project management.

Modern and sophisticated tools.

PMISuite is a product that consists of years of experience in project management and addresses the major issues that a company may encounter while providing a smooth and organized workflow. We support cloud or on premise.

Project management is a field of knowledge that is evolving with each day. That said, old methods are becoming obsolete and it is important for an organization to stay on track with management.

Read more in the detailed section of Advanced Project Management.

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When is it beneficial?

When management becomes a problem.

Management is a crucial part for success for any project, be it small or large and when managing resources gets out of hand, inadequacies become more and more frequent. That is when proper project management tools, can save and even enhance management. By using these set of tools, any program, project, phase or task can be easily planned beforehand by a systematic process with proper planning and understanding the customer needs. This means that the probability of a scope-creep becomes significantly low.

However, in reality, changes are inevitable and alway occur, that is why it is important to handle them as efficient and fast as possibile and with the help of a software package like our PMISuite, this becomes easy to handle.

Who is it for?

Any company, willing to optimize their performance.

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Project Executives

Realtime information at anytime and anywhere. Make wise decisions based on real information. Communicate with the right people. 

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Functional Managers

Get the best out of teams. Share reports with anybody. A clear overview of current resources.

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Project Managers

Have an overview of stakeholders, projects and assigned resources. Keep close contact with executives, functional managers and anyone involved in any project.

Why should companies use it?

To expand company control and manage everything in an orderly way.

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A great start of a new change.

All growing companies face problems when it comes to managing resources, budgets, inventory, customer relationships and more. While work is increasing, tracking and reporting becomes difficult for managers which can lead to bad decisions. Instead why not chose an information system to loosen up everything?

A massive advantage of using a system like PMISuite is that instead of having to use multiple services to achieve the desired results, you only use one system and it is simple to learn and it does not effect existing ones. Read more in the Funkcije tab.

Where can it be used?

In any sector.

Construction and Real Estate Development

Educational Institutions

Health services

Delivery services

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering