A cloud based solution for project managers, executives and functional managers.


S tock Management

Stay organized with stock, deliverables and order fulfilments

A responsible tool for responsible managers.  Inventory management is used widely among warehouse managers to maximize their efficiency and help stay organized with stock, deliverables and order fullfilments. Staying consistent with inventory accuracy and tracking, time management and managing warehouse space is vital in any organization that delivers physical items to customers. A good Inventory management tool can prevent inadequacies and increase productivty.

Supply of Information

  • Have an overview of activities, receipts, delivery orders, transfers and more.

  • Get order notifications or review back orders at a glance.

  • Share real-time reports with anybody.

  • Track stock movement from purchase to warehousing to sales order.

  • Keep track of lots downstream or upstream in the supply chain.

  • Get stocking methods automatically to improve internal processes.

  • Increase supply chain efficiency with order points and automated RFQs.

  • Filter, group or dig down in any dimension to get a clear snapshot of current inventory.

  • Configure and edit warehouse data in minutes.

Orders and Products

  • Use a barcode interface that supports wifi, bluetooth or usb hardware.

  • Confirm inbond deliveries via the scanner import.

  • Ship products using integrated carriers such as: FedEx, UPS and DHL.

  • Compute the exact shipping price with integrated carriers.

  • Validate customer adresses automatically.

  • Order or cancel deliveries with one click.

  • Automate order fulfilments with re-ordering rules and triggers. Adjust quantity thresholds as needed.

Monitor inventory sales, purchases in progress, traceability of order movementa and forecast quantities in a pivot table or graph view. Do this from a single location.

Pack products by scanning the delivery order document, then the products and then a special code that adds products to a pack. The system automatically prints the shipping label.