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Human Resources  

Attain the best people for the job.  

Companies are expanding and growing every day and the process of hiring new personnel is becoming more and more selective. Howerver, modern Human Resource management is not only about attaining the best people but a number of responsibilities including organization development, performance management, employee relations, communication, training and more. The Human Resource Management tool of our PMISuite can be used to help alleviate such tasks and create a smooth workflow for any HR manager.


  • Manage all applicants from one place.

  • Use multiple views and filters, place color marks on applicants and assign their scores.

  • Create and post job offers on your webpage. Candidates can apply for the job by email or thorugh a web form.

  • Overview of each applicant record and information such as resumes, documents, emails and scheduled meetings.

  • Use reporting and analysis data to see interview stages, departments, jobs, responsibilities and more.

  • Place triggers to automatically send email links to offers.

  • Use filters to analyze the HR pipeline in detail.


  • Locate and manage employee records.

  • Keep track of employee hours with an integrated app to clock in or out.

  • Check to see who is working today by looking at an employee timeline.

  • Create and manage training courses, videos, power point presentations and info graphics.

  • Design on-the-job tests, certifications, employee surveys and collect feedback.

  • Review survey statistics by using multiple data points. Then compile into interractive graphs.

  • Receive notifications from employees that request vacation, sick lead or unpaid time off.

Manage company cars. Teams can log key vehicele information such as vin number or the assigned employee, see maintenance records, schedule service dates and track mileage and fuel cost.