A cloud based solution for project managers, executives and functional managers.


E -Commerce

Create a beautiful online E-Commerce platform.

An online store that simplifies business management processes to  save time  and  money .

Weather it is a Business to Consumer ( B2C ) or Business to Business ( B2B ) transactions platform, it is a tidious thing to set up. Fortunately the process of "setting up" is done in large with the integrated modules that come with this  PMISuite  feature.

Focus on Design

  • Customizable design and a seamless user experience. Have web pages up in minutes.

  • Create full featured product pages with call-to-action buttons.

  • Edit custom up selling and cross selling options to showcase other products to customers.

  • Optimize the SEO score of any page to reach target audience.

  • Setup search filters and item categories.


  • Manage everything from one central point.

  • Setup multiple payment methods.

  • Automatic synchronization with inventory and sales management modules.

  • Receive automated order notifications.

  • Purchases are automatically registered. This ensures accuracy and reduced manual data entry.


  • Create visually appealing email campaigns for target leads and customers.

  • Send automated follow ups on abandoned carts to clients, boosting conversion rates and sales.

  • Save time by using integrated delivery connectors (DHL, Fedex, UPS, Temando, USPS).

  • Get orders up faster with automated notifications sent to the delivery service.

  • Convert clients into returning customers with automatic email sending.

  • Calculate costage.

  • Print shipping labels.

Once an order is placed, the information is automatically logged into the inventory and sales module. The sales order number is reported to the sales reports. Inventory is tracked, preventing running out of stock and attaining a realtime overview of available supplies.