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Document  Management  System

Get rid of old school paper.


Store important documents in a safe and easy accessible place. Every organization requires a repository to save or archive documents weather it is a simple drawer, a closet with shelves or a hard drive. The question is: how optimal is it? Take into consideration variables such as time of search, document index, occupied space and the amount of data and you quickly see that these vary depending on the system for managing documents and it is no easy task to set up an efficient system.

We offer a Document Management System (DMS) that organizes documents in a way that a user wants to. Instead of having files scattered across multiple systems and drives, we encourage to have them all in one place for ease of use.

Some of the main functions of this system:

  • Categorizing;

  • Filtering search results;

  • Automatic document indexing;

  • Document page creation;

  • History reviewing;

  • Ability to approve a document before releasing it;

  • Sharing with people or groups;

  • Online editing;

  • Printing;

  • Overviewing the complete document repository;

  • Comparison of previous revisions.

Documents can be managed from any device by any privileged user.

By using a DMS like this, file duplication is eliminated, time of search is reduced to a minimum and all documents are in one place thus ensuring consistency and security. It is also worth mentioning that this feature is strongly linked with other ones in a sense that each created document is automatically saved and can be later viewed here.