A cloud based solution for project managers, executives and functional managers


 Integrated Collaboration Platform 

VOIP, chat, email, web rtc

Contact any employee, client or stakeholder in a few clicks. All contacts are safely stored in a database and any privileged user can contact them with the use of modern technologies for realtime communication and collaboration.


  • Call anyone on their phone using VOIP integration.

  • Host or attend meetings from anywhere.

  • Chat with anyone from any device.

  • Create private or public channel groups for conversation.

  • Attach or upload documents in channel repositories for people to view and use.

  • Track a previous chat and its history.

  • View all messages and events in one place.

  • Make use of the web rtc feature for audio-video calls over any device that supports this.

All meetings are stored for later viewing (text, audio and video).

Attending an online meeting can be an awkward process for different reasons: there is no internet connection; sound restriction can pose a problem; a device may not support a camera nor a microphone; software limitations. It is essential that even in these kind of "harsh" situations people are logged on to the meeting. Our collaboration platform adresses these problems, making sure that an individual attends a meeting even if its only with text messages.

This feature is strongly connected with all the other features. Each feature offeres a chat and every action is linked to this feature so that every conversation or event can be viewed from one place.